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Breastfeeding shooting day



Important connection

Breastfeeding is a strong and important bond between mother and child.

However, the breastfeeding time only lasts for a fleeting moment.

Therefore, it is worth perpetuating.


A precious memory


I have photographed dozens of breastfeeding mothers alongside other descriptions such as christenings, weddings and family descriptions. Now I want to offer the opportunity for all breastfeeding mothers to immortalize this precious part of life with their baby in stunning images that will preserve memories as the baby grows.



For all breastfeeding mothers

All breastfeeding mothers with their children are welcome for breastfeeding photography. A breastfed baby can be a baby or a toddler. Each mother and child is assigned their own quiet 30min shooting time. The duration of the shooting itself is about 15 minutes.


The filming location is my beautiful natural light studio in Järvenpää, Seutulantie 4, located in a 100-year-old stone house, just a stone's throw from Järvenpää station.

A week after filming, you will see a test print gallery containing 5-10 images. From these images, you can choose the wonderful 13x18cm fine art paper image included in the price of the description, and if desired, also digital images and other image products. Digital images and other image products are billed separately.


Breastfeeding description includes:

  • A calm description with a focus on you and the child

  • Trial gallery for selecting images

  • One size 13x18cm fine art -paperikuva (value 29 €)

  • Possibility to buy additional photos and other image products


The price of the description is 79 €

Book your own description


You can book a description by e-mail or by using the contact form below. You can choose your shooting time from the available times and after booking you will receive an invoice for the shooting fee. After paying the invoice, your reservation has been confirmed.

Any cancellation must be made by email by 11am the day before the description. Thereafter, canceled or irrevocable bookings will not be refunded. However, in a situation like this, you can look for someone else to replace you and agree to transfer the description to him or her.


During filming week, you will receive a welcome letter in your email with tips on how to prepare for filming.


For more information, please email or call 050-5252927.


There are limited shooting times, so book your own picture soon!

Tomorrow's gift description


See you in breastfeeding on October 24th!


Thanks! Message sent.

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