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Mother's Day mini photography

Lovely mini shots for Mother's Day in Vanhis are well suited for pictures of children and siblings, or the whole family can come to the shoot. Pregnancy pictures and pictures with pets are also successful. The mini shot is great as a gift for mom or even grandma! In good weather, we shoot outdoors in the surroundings of the manor and in case of bad weather in the premises of Pyting's shop or manor.

Book the description by e-mail Suvi (a), by message on Fb or by using the contact form on the website. When booking, tell us which times would suit you best, what length of description you want and who is coming to the description. Description prices:
10-15min description and 1 image file with commissioning rights 30 €
25-30min description and 3 image files with commissioning rights 75 €
Additional pictures 25 € / each

You can choose the images you want from the test prints (5-15 pcs).

The description can be paid by invoice or cash.

Register for the description:

Thank you for your message!

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