Family Photography Services

Why to choose

a documentary family photography?

What do you want to remember about this time and your family?

Family photography is an investment in memories. Through the pictures, you can get back to this day after years and years. Photographs are a valuable memory for children of what life was like in their childhood.

The ordinary daily life of your family tells the story of your family and is worth documenting.

I will tell your story in a way that will grow it's value over the years. You'll get images that are authentic and atmospheric. Those photos you and your family want to look trough again and again.

“Thank you for the wonderful pictures!

The documentary family photography met our expectations well. It worked really well, the way you were in the background and naturally involved in situations, you have clearly done this kinf of phorography a lot. I liked this concept so much when you don't have to pose and everything goes with their own weight. "


Pricing and terms


-documentary family photography 1200 €

  • 8 hours of photography

  • 200-400 images

  • travel expenses 50 km from Järvenpää

  • additional shooting hours 130 € per hour



-documentary family photography 800 €

  • 5 hours of photography

  • 100-200 images

  • travel expenses 50 km from Järvenpää



-documentary family photography 450 €

  • 2.5 hours of photography

  • 50-100 images

  • travel expenses 50 km from Järvenpää



-documentary family photography 1400 €

  • 1.5 hours of photography for 4 times within the baby's first year

  • 25-50 images per session

  • travel expenses 50 km from Järvenpää



-documentary family photography 400 €

  • for those who have got their first baby, the baby can be 0-9 months old

  • 1.5 hours of photography

  • 25-50 images

  • travel expenses 50 km from Järvenpää



  • 240 € first hour

  • 130 € per hour for the next hours

  • travel expenses in Järvenpää

  • travel expenses outside Järvenpää 0.50 € / km



For portrait and boudoir shots, the photography fee specified in the price list, for weddings and elopements a retainer of 250 € and for other shots a retainer of 150 € will be charged at the time of booking. The photographyg fee / retainer will not be refunded if the customer cancels the session. The time and date of the session can be changed once at the customer's request free of charge.

The customer receives printing rights to the digital images and can print, copy and commission paper copies and other image products from the images. If desired, the customer can also share photos with the family and publish the photos on their personal social media accounts. Commercial use of the images is prohibited and the name of the photographer must always be mentioned when the images are published. The copyright of the images remains with the photographer and the photographer can use the images when marketing their services and in professional photography competitions.

The customer receives high-resolution jpg files or another image product of their choice. Digital images are delivered through a private online gallery. Images must be fully paid before delivery. The general delivery time for images is 1-6 weeks. Low-resolution proofs of portrait images will be delivered 1-2 weeks after shooting. The photographer will deliver the finished portraits within 1-6 weeks after the client announcing their choices.

Cancellations are due at least one day prior. Cancellations of a wedding photograph, family documentary photograph or event photograph must be made at least 90 days prior. Late cancellations will be charged 50% of the price. For wedding photography and documentary family photography, a retainer of 250 € will be charged. The retainer will be deducted from the final invoice but it will not be refunded if the customer cancels.

The work of a photographer cannot be rejected for reasons related to style or composition. Reminders must be sent to the photographer within 7 days of delivery. Otherwise, the delivery is considered accepted.