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4 Reasons to Have a Micro Wedding

Pienet häät | Hääkuvaaja Helsinki

Having a wedding is a big investment both money and time wise to many couples. Instead of a traditional big wedding you might want to considere to have a micro wedding or elopement. In this post I give you 4 reasons to have small and intimate wedding or just elope! ⁠

Pienet häät | Hääkuvaaja Tuusula

1. First of all having a small and intimate wedding or eloping is so much less stressfull. It makes me always so sad when I hear wedding couples being super stressed about their wedding. I believe that both planning the wedding and then the actual wedding day are at their best when they are as stressfree as possible. Having a big wedding adds stress and that's why I want to speak on behalf of small and intimate wedding and elopements. ⁠

In our own wedding we had about 45 guests. That's quite a small wedding and I truly enjoyd wedding planning and the wedding day was pretty stressless but if I was planning a wedding now I would still downsize the guestlist.⁠

Pienet häät | Hääkuvaaja Helsinki

2. In a micro wedding you have time to socialize with guests. When having 100 guests you probably have less than a minute to spend with each guest. In a big wedding you need to have more official entertainment to make your guests enjoy themselves and that's why you have less time for socializing. Having less guests you have more time to actually socialize with them and that will make the wedding day laid-back and pleasant.⁠ Your guests will also love that that you actually have time for them.

Pienet häät | Hääkuvaaja Helsinki

3. Having a micro wedding saves money! You don't need to blow up your life savings to marry the love of your life. Usually the biggest part of the wedding budget goes to food and having less guests means savings there.⁠ Smaller savings will come from invites, wedding favores and that sort of things.

That also means you can use your money to somenthing that is more meaningfull to you and your fiance. My recommendation is ofcourse to put a bit more money into photo- and videography. Photos and video are what you will have after your wedding day besides your new spouse, ring and memories and those will help you to cherise your memories ofcourse.

Pienet häät | Hääkuvaaja Tuusula

4. And then last but maybe not least when having fewer guests you can do things that aren't possible with huge guest count. You can have an amazing venue that accomodates just dozen or two dozens of people like a small local restaurant you love, the cutest Airbnb or a rustic sailboat.

Or if you are outdoorsy you can do a hike, go canoing or huskysafari (Lapland, winter, you know...) and have your ceremony in the middle of nature. If adventure is what you love you can choose even something like a hot air balloon ride. If you don't have a huge budget savings that come from the smaller guest count makes things like these possible.

+ As a bonus if you are going to elope or have a wedding with less than 10 guests at 2021 I as your wedding / elopement photographer I will help you with all the planning! Isn't that great?! ⁠


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