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Adventurous Winter Elopement in Finland

Have you ever thought that your wedding could be something else than traditional celebration with family and friends or eloping in a court house?

Let me tell you that your wedding day could be an adventure for the two of you!

Beside getting married what else would you love to do together on your wedding day? Again when you elope you don't have to think what your guests want. Instead you may start to think what you want. Because your wedding day is about THE TWO OF YOU!

You can do what ever you want on your wedding day! You can go adventurous and e.g. do canoeing, horseback riding or a hike and put up a tent for the night. Or you can do a city elopement and visit all your favorite attractions and cute cafes, pamper yourselves with a hotel suite and have a dinner in some awesome restaurant. It's all up to you!

I wanted to show what an adventures elopement day could look like and was lucky have some super talented vendors and super cute couple Anniina and Ville to play along with me. We had an amazing day eventhough it was really cold and we got even more amazing photos.

The day included getting ready in a romantic cottage, petting huskies, feeding reindeer and husky sled ride. The most moving moment was when Anniina and Ville red their "vows" to each other on top of Hiidenvuori at sunset.

Huskyt ja muut eläimet / Huskies & more: Koirakikka, Hiukset ja meikki / Hair & make-up: Maarit Liimatta, Kukat / Flowers: Pitkäsen Kukkakauppa, Kalligrafia / Calligraphy: Kalligrafiaana, Mökki / Venue: Ilonojan kartanon Rengintupa,


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