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5 Boho Weddingflower Ideas | Suvi Helmi Photography

Yes. I'm a wedding photographer, not a florist.

But I love every kind of plants and flowers. So I want to share some ideas for your inspiration.

Flowers Pitkäsen kukkakauppa

1. Lush bouquets and centerpieces

Lush, whimsical and wild. Bohemian bouquets and centerpieces can have it all. Mix and match all kind of flowers and green stuff to create flowy arrangements.

Flowers Pitkäsen kukkakauppa

2. Succulent plants

I saw succulent plants in a wedding bouquet for the first time last year and I was sold for the idea immediately. The best thing is that after the wedding you can put the succulent plants in water, let them grow roots, plant them and have them forever!

(Naturally succulent plants are great as centerpieces at the tables too!)

3. Wild flowers

Wild flowers are a great choice for boho wedding. They represent bohemian style and are budget friendly too! In Finland the general public’s rights called Everyman's Rights (Jokamiehen Oikeudet) allows you to pick flowers, as long as they are not protected species and not growing on someones garden or farmed field. Mix and match different kind of wild flowers and variety of pots and vases to create your boho wedding vibe!

4. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a trendy classic! To modern western wedding tradition they were brought by Queen Victoria in 1840. Hippies took over flower crowns in the 60's so they fit to a boho bride perfectly.

5. Grasses

Different kind of grasses are showy but defenitely bohemian. Pampa grass might be the best known but there is plenty of other options too both in color and style.


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