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Outdoors Boudoir Photo Shoot in Järvenpää, Finland

Boudoir photo shoot at the outdoors in nature is exciting and amazing experience whether you do it just for yourself or share the photos with your significant other. In Finland we have this beautifull nature all around us and serene locations for private photo shoot are not too hard to find. Forests, lakes and meadows are all most suitable for the boudoir photo shoot.

At the summer time there is enough light nearly any time of the day even in southern Finland. My personal favorite is evening when the sun is not that high anymore. Though having the boudoir shoot during the day time or at the lovely summer night works great too.

But why you should choose boudoir photo shoot?

Boudoir photo shoot is an empowering experience. At the boudoirphotos aswell as other photos I want to show your personality, beuty and strenght. Every one of us can look amazing in photos regardless of age or size.

Take a peak to my boudoir portfolio for more photos!


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