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Because your story

deserves to be told


lgbtq+ friendly wedding and elopement photographer Helsinki Finland North Europe

What do you want to remember and how to be seen years from now?

When was the last time you looked through old photos?

Did the photos make you cry or laugh?

Did you see YOU in the photos?


The most important photos are taken when you feel you can be yourself. And that is how I want to make you feel!


 Whether it's just you or you and your loved ones I want to get to know you! The better we know each other and get along the better photos we can create together.


Goofing off or having a deep and meaningful conversation the choice is yours. I'm here for you!


I'll take photos that tell your story in a genuine way but

I am more than just a photographer.

I'm your new friend.

"Hey Suvi, guess what ...

Now a year has passed since our wedding, and still the photos you took are so wonderful that I cry. You have skillfully captured the athmosphere of that day. The photos tell the story of real life and people, they are beautiful without embellishment. Your presence on the spot was lovely, gentle, and you were somehow at right place at right time. Thank you, again and certainly for years to come.

You're solid and sweet professional! <3 "

-Minna & Jouni

Great to have you here!

I am here ready to help you and create memorable images of you and your loved ones.


Besides photography, I love chocolate and cats and many, many other things like frogs, horses, woolen socks and deep and meaningful conversations.

Many of my favorite places in the world start with the letter S. These include Finland (Suomi in finnish), Swaziland (a small country on the side of South Africa now known as Eswatini), Switzerland, Samos (an island in Greece) and Slovenia. Italy is an exception that proves the rule.

Seeing kindness and helpfulness towards both people and animals always makes me happy.

Photographer Uusimaa Järvenpää Helsinki Finland lgbtq+ friendly gayfriendly

cinematic          genuine          emotional

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